Our story

Here's our story. Our family: Frederic 39, Nadege 40, Neo 14, Chiara 13, Enzo 12 and Coline 3 1/2 month 7 1/2 years ago we immigrated from France to Canada. We spent 18 months in Quebec, but Fred couldn't find a job there so we decided to leave our comfort zone, and in spite of our basic scholar English, we settled down in Alberta.

Fred found a job very quickly, in a very good company that trusted him and gave him a chance despite his difficulties with the English language. 

Everything was going well for us, so we decided about 3 years ago to buy a house. 
After several visits, we were very happy to find a house in the city of Okotoks, a city on a human scale, 15 minutes south of Calgary. 

It was just perfect for us, the house was big and nearer schools, stores like Costco, Save on Food ... Doctor and Dentist, emergency ... well, all the comforts of a big city with the calm of an average city.

Everything was going so well for us, that at almost 40 years, we decided to make a baby, the last one! We started to enlarge the house, so that Neo, our oldest child, has his room and a relaxation area for children.

I was7 months pregnant when we received very bad news, after more than 5 1/2 years in the company, Fred was going to be laid off!

When we left France and came to Canada, we knew that we could lose everything overnight. But you're never really ready, especially in a period of life that was to be a moment of joy, so it became a truly hard time...

The decision to sell the house very quickly imposed on us, but the construction had started and it was impossible to stop it, no one would buy a house under construction.

5 months later: the extension is complete, the house has a new look
and it is ready to be sold.

Unfortunately, we have just met our real estate agent and bad news: right now it takes 5 to 9 months to sell a house. We were hoping that Fred would find a new job, but since then, he only found temporary contracts. 

Worse yet, construction wages have gone down so much that, even if Fred found a full-time job, we will not be able to pay our credit and we risk losing everything. 

So, rather than watching everything fall around us we decided to organize a contest, and one of you will be able to win our house in Canada.

While we never ask for help to anybody, for the first time in our life, we will have to ask for it!

we will count on you and the magic of the internet to help us.

So, if you want to support our family, please, share our story, the more people hear about this contest the more our goal can be achieved.

And if you dream of a home in Canada, in the province of the wonderful Rockies and turquoise lakes, or just want to invest, or get a second home …

To read the contest rules it's HERE

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Terms & Conditions


Your Story: Tell us why in maximum 300 words,Tell us in 300 words maximum, in the form that you prefer (essay, poem ...), why win the house will change your life

- Total of all contest entry fees must reach a minimum amount of $470 000 (four hundred and seventy thousand dollars)  . 

PARTICIPATION:: To participate you must send with your letter, the participation fee of $ 30 cad by PAYPAL to winahouseincanada@gmail.com this payment method is secure and will allow you to send your letter at the same time as your payment.

    Canadians can also make an interact E-tranfer.   In this case, send your letter with your name and address by email to winahouseincanada@gmail.com This will allow us to link your letter to your payment and validate your participation.

CANCELLATION: The contest will be cancelled in the event of too few entries, not achieving the Minimum Amount, owners become deceased or other force majeure.

REFUND: In the event of contest cancellation, refunds (less bank charges or change that may apply.) will be sent by PayPal or Interac e-transfer to the same email address provided by the entrance. 

Period: The duration of the contest is 3 months. This period may be extended up to 6 months, if we reasonably approach the necessary number of participants allowing us to reach the minimum amount of participation fee ($ 470,000).

 The Winner: it is the story that will affect us the most who will be the winner. Every story counts, you do not have to live a drama to win! (Do not be afraid of spelling mistakes, I do it myself a lot ... only your story matters to us!) 

- The winner: the  winner will be nominated by the members of our family and announce 3 weeks after the closing of the contest. The winner will be contacted by email

- CONFIDENTIALITY: all your letters will be read only by the members of our family (us and the children). We will share only with the agreement of the winner his name on our various social networks


CONTEST: This contest is not a lottery: As per AGLC regulations, this contest is not a lottery as it is not a random draw.

Not a promotion: according to the Competition Bureau of Canada, this competition does not promote any organization.

tax system: Please inquire about the tax laws of your home country to determine the tax consequences of your gain before submitting your application.

Only one : participation per person and per household, the participant must be at least 18 years old

–  FAMILY No entries will be allowed for Frederic or Nadège immediate or distant family.

    LOCATIONto preserve the peace in the neighborhood, the children who play in the street, as well as the privacy of the future winner,  the full address will not be given. 

The house is located in the city of Okotoks (south of Calgary, Alberta), near shops, doctors, emergency, schools and school bus ... you can find all the details of the house, photos, tax ... in the tab House.